Social Media Programs

Join thousands of students and clients that have leveraged Jon’s social media strategies to gain over 1 Billion views and 50 Million followers!

Viral Content

Discover the formula for achieving millions of organic views on social
media by creating content that is
highly shareable!

This 4-hour video course breaks down all of the elements needed to design your content for viral growth and to guarantee it stands out in the Newsfeed. It will show you how to format your content so the viewer not only stops scrolling, but also feels compelled to “share” it with everyone they know!

Viral Editing

Uncover proven editing techniques designed to stop viewers dead in
their tracks and keep them engaged throughout your entire video!

Let’s face it… most people never have a chance at going viral because they don’t know how to create engaging content in the first place! In this course, you’ll learn the most effective editing tricks to skyrocket your views and engagement.

Viral Distribution

Step-by-step instruction that
reveals how to go from ZERO to about 1 Million Followers in 10 months!

Get our flagship course, Viral Distribution, if you want to build a massive brand on social media! It is our most robust course to date and takes anyone from beginner to mega-influencer in record time. You’ll learn the exact strategies that Jon has used to produce over 1 Billion views and 50 Million followers for his clients.